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Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit 


What Is the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit?

The Child Care Contribution Credit allows taxpayers that make a qualifying monetary contribution to promote child care in Colorado to claim an income tax credit of 50% of the total qualifying contribution. Any taxpayer that makes a qualifying contribution can claim the child care contribution credit. Resident and nonresident individuals, estates, trusts, and C corporations can all claim the credit for qualifying contributions they make, either directly or as a partner or a shareholder in a partnership or S corporation that makes a qualifying contribution.
How does the Contribution work and help PPCS?
The PPCS Preschool and Daycare programs are a recognized entity by the state of Colorado that can receive this contribution. When someone provides a contribution to PPCS, it helps fund improvements (playground equipment, technology, etc...) and offset budgeted costs specifically for the Preschool and Daycare programs. In turn PPCS will provide the contributor with the documentation needed to claim the credit on thier taxes. PPCS must maintain record and proof of using the contribution towards the recognized Preschool and Daycare programs.

Where can I find more information on the Child Care Contribution Credit

For more information of the credit, please read this from provided by the State of Colorado: Contribution Credit Income 35 FYI

How can I participate in the Contribution and Credit?

You can donate by cash, check, or by credit (credit only available online) to PPCS and provide a notation that it is for the Child Care Contribution Credit. You can do so in person in the office, by mail, or online by clicking the donate button. Please make sure we have your mailing address when you contribute. PPCS will provide you with the documentation needed to claim the credit on your taxes.

Need help? Have more questions?

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