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The student will learn the Spanish language using listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Practical vocabulary building and conversation skills will be emphasized.  In the process, the student will experience the richness of the culture of Spain and the Hispanic countries.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in 11th grade
Grade: 11               Length: 1 year              Credit: 1
The student will continue skill development in listening,   speaking,   reading, and   writing.    This course further develops grammatical concepts and knowledge of the cultures of Spain and the Hispanic countries.  Increased oral proficiency is emphasized.
Prerequisite: Spanish I
Grade: 12               Length: 1 year              Credit: 1



Course Notes:

(1) Courses using college level curriculum are annotated with an “*”

(2) Courses offered with an honors option on a weighted 5.0 scale are annotated with an “(H)”















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