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Science Courses


In this course students will study the features and forces of our planet. The course includes topics in astronomy, geology, meteorology, oceanography, and physical geography. Field trips, laboratory investigations, and other classroom activities permit the students to interrelate these topics and to gain personal experiences within their surroundings. Environmental concerns, energy, earth processes, and the influences of science, technology, and society are significant.
Prerequisite:  High school enrollment
Grade: 9               Length: 1 year                 Credit: 1


In this course the students will be presented with the Christian's                perspective of health.  The curriculum strongly encourages living a healthy life primarily for the glory of God.  The text covers such  facets as nutrition, disorders, safety, and exercise, as well as more serious issues that students will face such as relationships, alcohol, and drugs.  This course deals strongly with relevant issues that every Christian teen will encounter and can understand.  Evaluation is based on writing, oral presentations, tests, and class discussions.
Prerequisite:  High school enrollment
Grade: 9             Length: 1 year                  Credit: ½


In this course the student will be presented with an overview of         biological science, as well as Biblical perspectives.  The student will study cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy and physiology.  The student will            discuss and study not only creationism and evolution but also learn the Christian perspective regarding various diseases and medical   procedures that society faces today.  The student will learn through a variety of methods including reading, lecture, discussion, critical thinking activities, and laboratory work.
Prerequisite:  Earth Science
Grade: 10              Length: 1 year                 Credit: 1


This course will build upon student's prior knowledge of the biological sciences.  In Zoology the student will study sponges, worms, arthropods, echinoderms, fish and amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. In Botany students will study the classification of life, viruses and bacteria, protests, fungi, and the different kinds of plants. Further topics may be discovered as students show interest and time allows. Laboratory work and field work will be used to strengthen the content of the class.  The students will learn through a variety of methods including, reading, lecture, discussion, activities, critical thinking, and laboratory work. 
Prerequisite:  Biology
Grade:  11, 12       Length:  1 year             Credit:  1


The student will survey the concepts of chemistry at a level to prepare him/her for college chemistry.  The topics covered include atomic structure, electron configuration, the periodic table, ionic and covalent bonding, chemical equations, stoichiometry, and laws of gases.  Safe and appropriate lab procedures will be emphasized.  The student will learn through a variety of methods including reading, lecture, demonstrations, critical thinking activities, and laboratory work.
Prerequisite:  Grade of C or above in Biology and concurrent enrollment in Algebra II.
Grade: 11             Length: 1 year             Credit: 1


Using technology and laboratory procedures, the student will learn the basic principles of physics, both conceptually and mathematically.  The topics include kinematics, work, energy, fluids, thermodynamics, waves, sound, forces, and optics.  Excellent mathematical skills are needed in this class.  Laboratory exercises will be combined with lecture and practice problems. 
Prerequisite:  Grade of B or above in Chemistry and Algebra II
Grade: 12           Length: 1 year              Credit: 1


In this honors level course the student will study the miracle of the human body as an extension of the biology class.  The anatomy will be studied in detail using slides, models, and dissection of cat organs. The physiology of each body system will be examined, including discussion of disease processes.  Lab work will be an integral part of the course. Because of the advanced level of this class, a student may earn 5.0 points on the 4.0 grade point scale.  
Prerequisites:  Biology, Chemistry, and teacher recommendation
Grade: 12           Length: 1 year              Credit: 1



Course Notes:

(1) Courses using college level curriculum are annotated with an “*”

(2) Courses offered with an honors option on a weighted 5.0 scale are annotated with an “(H)”


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