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Social Studies Courses

This introductory level course examines the structure and function of American government. Principle areas of study include: structure and functions of national, state, and local governments, and major elements of the American legal system. There will be an emphasis on note taking and cooperative learning projects.
Prerequisite: High school enrollment
Grade: 9     Length: 1 semester       Credit: 1/2
World Geography studies the countries and continents of today’s world. We review the major elements of physical geography, such as climate and resources. The focus of this class is human geoography. We study the cultures, religions, languages, populations, economies, and histories of the major regions of the world. Students will learn to read and understand different kinds of maps including population maps, climate maps, and political maps. The students learn how to analyze how physical and human geography contribute to one another. There is an emphasis on note taking, cooperative learning projects, and presentations.
Grade: 9      Length: 1 semester       Credit: 1/2
The student surveys the modern era of Western and Eastern civilizations beginning in the 1600’s and continuing to the present. The themes examined in this course include: group relationships, change, diversity, innovation, culture, movement and environment. There is an emphasis on comprehension of the text, note taking, individual research projects, and cooperative learning.
Prerequisite: Civics & Geography
Grade: 10         Length: 1 year          Credit: 1
This course is a survey of the modern era of the United States, focusing on the late 19th Century to the present day. The themes examined in this course include: government, economics, geography, culture, foreign relations, science, and technology. There is an emphasis on text and outside source reading comprehension, note taking, analytical essay writing and historical investigation.
Prerequisite: Modern World History
Grade: 11        Length: 1 year           Credit: 1
The student will be challenged in this rigorous honors class designed to be the equivalent of a freshman college course in a high school setting. It is a year-long survey of American History from the Age of Exploration to the present. There will be an emphasis placed on critical thinking skills, essay writing, interpretation of original documents, and historiography. Solid reading and writing skills, along with a willingness to devote considerable time to homework and study, are necessary to succeed. Because of the advanced level of this course, a student may earn 5.0 points on the 4.0 grade point scale. Students taking the course are required to take the AP US History Exam.
Prerequisite: Modern World History with a B or above and teacher recommendation
Grade: 11        Length: 1 year          Credit: 1
This upper level course examines American citizenship, government and law, and current events. Principle areas of study include: duties and responsibilities of citizenship, major elements of the American legal system, relationship between the United States and foreign countries, and current events. There is an emphasis on cooperative learning projects, class discussion, current events and civic participation.
Prerequisite: Modern American History or AP U.S. History
Grade: 12        Length: 1 semester        Credit: ½
The student will examine the different systems of economics. The major areas of study include: macroeconomics, microeconomics, globalization of international markets, and personal finance. There is an emphasis on critical thinking, class discussion, individual projects and current events.
Prerequisite: Modern American History or AP U.S. History
Grade: 12         Length: 1 semester        Credit: ½


Course Notes:

(1) Courses using college level curriculum are annotated with an “*”

(2) Courses offered with an honors option on a weighted 5.0 scale are annotated with an “(H)”


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