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Elementary School Staff

The Elementary School at Pikes Peak Christian is blessed with an exceptionally qualified and experienced group of teachers.
  Name Title
Jeremy Gibson Gibson, Jeremy Librarian
Christie Green Green, Christie Reading Interventionist
Miriam Heisel Heisel, Miriam Third Grade Teacher
Candy Hendrix Hendrix, Candy Fourth Grade Teacher
Kathy Holland Holland, Kathy Fifth Grade Teacher Aide
Victoria Jantzi Jantzi, Victoria Kindergarten Teacher
Colleen Katte Katte, Colleen Computer Tech Teacher
Leonor Lange Lange, Leonor Spanish Teacher
Kristina Lopez Lopez, Kristina Learning Resources Coordinator
Candice Merkle Merkle, Candice Fourth Grade Teacher
Jami Miller Miller, Jami Art Teacher
Jennifer Mizzell Mizzell, Jennifer Fifth Grade Teacher
Sheryl Nordberg Nordberg, Sheryl Elementary School Principal
Amy Perry Perry, Amy Second Grade Teacher
Amy Posch Posch, Amy First Grade Teacher
Michelle Pritchard Pritchard, Michelle First Grade Teacher
Robert Schroeder Schroeder, Robert Band Teacher
Becky Spengler Spengler, Becky Third Grade Teacher
Janelle Troyer Troyer, Janelle Kindergarten Teacher
Suzanne Walker Walker, Suzanne Second Grade Teacher
Annette Wynfield Wynfield, Annette Aide