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Academic Profile

Please click here for a PDF version of the High School Academic Profile
The High School  at Pikes Peak Christian is a private college prepatory school accredited through the National Christian Schools Association and AdvancED/Cognia.  All teachers have a minimum of a college degree in their core area of instruction and a majority of core subject teachers are state or ACSI licensed. There are 48 students currently enrolled in the high school. The first graduating class was in 2003.
8 classes a semester is the typical load for students. The schedule consists of 2 95-minute periods that meet every other day and 6 48-minute periods that meet every day. Pikes Peak Christian has 2 diploma programs, Advanced Honors and Regular. A minimum of 29 credits are required for graduation under the Advanced Honors Program and 27 credits for the Regular diploma program. ½ credit = 1 semester of work; 1 credit = 1 year of work.
-Advanced Placement Courses Offered (Weighted):
          AP US History, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP English Literature are offered.
-Honors Courses (Weighted):
          Honors courses are offered in all core subject areas for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Grading and Class Rank:
Semester grades are recorded on the transcript.  Class rank and cumulative grade point average are computed in January and May.  Grade point average is computed on a 4.0 scale.  Honors courses and AP are the exception and are weighted on a 5.0 scale.   
Grading Scale:
A+ - 98-100 B+ - 88-89 C+ - 78-79 D+ - 68-69 F - Below 60
A   - 93-97 B   - 83-87 C   - 73-77 D   - 63-67  
A- - 90-92 B-  - 80-82 C-  - 70-72 D-  - 60-62  
Testing Results:
PPCS Most Recent PSAT Score Average (for 10-11 Grades):  Total: 1008
PPCS 3 Year Average SAT Scores:               Total: 1033     ERW: 534        Math: 555   
PPCS 3 Year Average ACT Scores             Composite: 20.8            Math: 21.5             Reading: 22.1            
PPCS Advance Placement Tests with students scoring a 3 or above (3 year avg.): 80%
PPCS IOWA Assessment Scores (Spring 2020/Grades 9-11 average of Standard Score National Percentile Rank):
Reading: 79th Percentile         Math: 70th Percentile         Composite: 76th Percentile
Post High School Education/Plans:
Since Inception (306 Graduates): 86% college/university; 8% trade schools; 6% military service
Class of 2020 (10 students): 90% college/university; 10% trade schools or work force

College Acceptance History:
Following is a listing of universities students from Pikes Peak Christian School have either attended or been accepted over the last 17 years.
Abilene Christian University                                                                             
Academy of Art University                                                                                 
Adams State College                                                                                         
Air Force Academy
Arizona State University
Austin College
Baylor University                                                                                             
Boise State                                                                                                          
Brigham Young University
California State University
Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, San Diego, San Francisco                                                                                 
Chadron State College
Chatham University
Colorado Christian University                                                                          
Colorado College                                                                                                
Colorado School of Mines                                                                                
Colorado State University                                                                                 
Colorado State University - Pueblo
Concordia University
Creighton University
Denver University
Dickenson University                                                                 
Dordt College    
Elizabethtown College
Emory University – Oxford College                                                                  
Faulkner University                                                                                            
Florida College                                                                                                    
Florida International University
George Fox University
Grambling State University  
Grand Canyon University                                                               
Harding University                                                                                              
Hastings College 
Indiana University
Johnson and Wales University
Kansas State University
Kansas Wesleyan University                                                                                                
Liberty University
Lipscomb University
Marian University
Martin Luther College
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Northwest Nazarene University
Ohio State University
Oral Roberts University
Oklahoma Christian University
Ozark Christian College
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University
Rutgers University
Southern Nazarene University
State University of New York
Binghamton, Buffalo
Syracuse University
Temple University
Texas Christian University
Texas State San Marcos
University of Chicago
University of Colorado Boulder        
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
University of Colorado at Denver
University of Colorado at Denver Medical School
University of Northern Colorado
University of Utah
University of Washington - Seattle
University of Wyoming
Valparaiso University
Wilson College
York College