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Non-Traditional Athletes

(Homeschool Participation)



Athlete’s School Status
Homeschool Athlete must either:
  • live in the District 11 Attendance Zone, OR
  • provide proof of registration as a homeschool student with Colorado Springs District 11
Charter/Private School Athlete
  • provide proof of attendance at such a qualifying school in Colorado Springs District 11 that does not offer the sport of interest or a sports program
Process for Participation
1. One (1) Week Prior to Practicing with a PPCS Team
  • Complete and be approved through the Non-Traditional Athlete Application (link below)
    • Must be completed and approved by the Athletic Director every academic year
  • Meet all CHSAA and Black Forest League eligibility requirements
  • Pay sports fee (each season as participating)
  • Provide documentation of a satisfactory physical exam
2. After Non-Traditional Athlete Application is Approved and Prior to Practicing
  • Complete and submit Non-Traditional Athlete Contract (link below) and related documents
3. For Continued Participation on PPCS Team
  • Meet CHSAA and PPCS academic eligibility standards
    • Parent/student must provide academic grade reports to the Principal at scheduled times and formats
    • Student must always be taking an adequate number of classes per CHSAA requirements

Physical Required

Physical Required by the first day of practice (for your first sport of the year) to play MIddle School Sports at PPCS
Choose the link below to access the form (please print and bring to the Athletic Office):
                           Physical Form

Application Form and Contract

  • Please refer to Process for Participation above.
Click on the link below to access the form (please print and return to school office or the Athletic Director)):