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International Student Program (High School)

PPCS accepts international students wanting to prepare themselves in a Christian school for college. PPCS is an approved educational institution by SEVIS to issue I-20 documents for F-1 Visa students.
International Students will be immersed in the English language environment at PPCS and experience the full Christian and American school culture. For more information on curriculum and activities for High School, visit our High School web pages.

General Requirements

Age 14-18
Non-U.S. Citizen who will not reside with biological parents
F-1 Visa
Proof of financial ability to fund education
English competency scores that ensure success in the academic environment
Excellent academic record as documented by transcripts
No behavior problems of concern as verified through student interview and recommendations
Goals regarding attending and graduating high school in the United States, as well as pursuing a college education
Willingness to become immersed in American Society through language and culture.

Annual Tuition and Fees for High School

$230 Registration Fee 
$500 Surety Deposit* 
$500 International Student Processing Fee 
$700 Incidental Fee*
$435 General Fee
$8010 Tuition

The registration fee and surety deposit ($730) are due at the time you register your student. The remaining tuition and fees ($9645) are due by August 1, 2023.
*If there is a remaining balance from the Surety Deposit and Incidental Fee at the end of the school year, it will be refunded.

Host Family and Agency Representation

A Host Family must be arranged through the student's agency or program, as PPCS does not currently offer Host Family arrangements. PPCS strongly prefers agency representation for International Students as it provides accountability, protection and appropriate channels for student, family and  school resolution of concerns.



International Students must provide all regular admission/enrollment information, as well as other required documentation. For more information on the process please complete the information request below.


  • Please fill out and submit the form below  to receive more information about our school.