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Academic Profile

The Elementary School at Pikes Peak Christian follows a traditional style of education, also known as Back-to-Basics. Our primary curriculum is Abeka, a Christian curriculum that allows our educational focus to be Christ-centered. Several supplementary programs are used as well, including Dibbles, IXL Math and Accelerated Reading. Daily chapels by grade level and weekly by school level are also held. The Elementary School is accredited by the National Christian Schools Association and Cognia.
Grading Scale:
Core Subjects                                       Skills
S+        Exceeds expectations            4 – Outstanding
S          Normal progress                      3 - Satisfactory
S-         Needs improvement               2 – Needs Improvement
NA       Not applicable                           1 – Poor
1st – 5th Grades
Core Subjects                          Skills
A+          98-100                         4 - Outstanding
A             93-97                          3 - Satisfactory
A-           90-92                          2 - Needs Improvement
B+           88-89                         1 - Poor
B             83-87
B-            80-82                         Specials Courses
C+           78-79                           S+           90-100  (Excellent)
C             73-77                            S             75-89     (Performing at grade level)
C-            70-72                           S-            60-74     (Below Average)
D+          68-69                           N             0-59       (Poor/Needs Improvement)
D             63-67
D-           60-62
F              0-59
Special Classes Offered:
P.E. (Daily)
Music and Spanish (twice per week)
Library, Art, Computers (regularly)
5th Grade Music or Band (3 times per week)
Extra-curricular Activities:
After School
Landsharks Running Club – Fall and Spring
Clubs – 2nd and 3rd quarters (ex. Cooking, sewing, Legos, basic robotics, art, stamping)
Special Activities throughout the Year
Harvest Hoe Down (Fall)                Science Day (Spring)                       Service Projects        
Fine Arts Blast                    Christmas and Spring Musical Performances        Spelling Bee