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High School Staff

The High School at Pikes Peak Christian is blessed with an exceptionally qualified and experienced group of teachers.
  Name Title
Laura Cain Cain, Laura Study Hall & Digital Resource Teacher
Janae Collins Collins, Janae Chaplain & Bible Teacher
Mark Crocfer Crocfer, Mark Mathematics Teacher
Lyndsey Frisa Frisa, Lyndsey Social Studies Teacher
Stephanie Graham Graham, Stephanie English Teacher
Shawna Heck Heck, Shawna Academic Advisor
Colleen Katte Katte, Colleen Computer Tech Teacher
Anita Kritz Kritz, Anita Athletic Director
Jacob Laux Laux, Jacob Science Teacher
David Moore Moore, David High School Principal
Robert Schroeder Schroeder, Robert Band Teacher
Ethan Troy Troy, Ethan Mathematics Teacher
Emily Wood Wood, Emily Bible & Spanish Teacher