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Board of Directors

PPCS is governed by a Board of Directors that follows a governance model of management with a focus on policy. In summary the responsibilities of the Board of Directors is oversight and review of the school in comparison to involvement in the daily administration and management of the school. Specific responsibilities of the Board of Directors include: selection, appointment, evaluation, and supporting the School Director; determining the mission of the School; establishing School policies; approving the programs/procedures established by the Director; developing an annual operating budget; developing long range growth plans; ensuring the financial stability of the School through an adequate financial plan and its effective management; providing essential fund raising activities necessary for improvements, endowments, and operating expenses; ensuring compliance with state and federal legal requirements; ensuring harmonious community relations; and periodically assessing its own performance.


The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of three (3) members who must be active Church of Christ members. The Board of Directors is made up of individuals with varied backgrounds, who have a variety of fields of expertise, and who are exemplary in their generosity with time and money to the School. Members and prospective members should not be novices in the faith. New members are nominated by the existing Board and are elected by a simple majority vote of the Board. Members serve three (3) year terms, and may serve an indefinite number of successive terms.


Meetings of the Board of Directors are held monthly at 6:00pm. Specific dates for meetings will be posted monthly on the PPCS website. Parents and school staff members are invited to attend meetings. To do so, the Director should be notified one week in advance if one has an agenda item or plans to attend a meeting.


Current Board of Directors

Tanya Cooper

Tanya has owned an antiques business for the last 18 years. Her work has enabled her to be a keynote speaker for numerous clubs and organizations. Her collections have appeared in three national magazines and she has served as a resource for Country Living. She also works as a freelance writer and photographer. In doing so she has written and photographed over a dozen articles for national magazines and also a cookbook. Tanya is a graduate of Abilene Christian University. She has been married to her husband Richard for 28 years. She currently has the honor of spending most of her days taking care of her aging father. She has served as a volunteer tutor for PPCS for 19 years and absolutely loves it. She enjoys working on the annual auction, collecting antique cake stands and Early American Pattern Glass. Tanya love sports, reading, writing, photography and spending time with people who share her passion for Christian education.

Fredric (Fred) Maxwell 

Fred recently retired from his nearly 30 years of work in construction, sales management and contract negotiations. Prior to that he worked at Abilene Christian University in the Development and Public Relations Department. Fred earned his associate’s degree from York College in 1970 and his bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University in 1986. Fred has invested much into Christian Education as a student himself, a parent of children attending Christian Universities, and as an employee. Fred is active in the ministries of Eastside Church of Christ and the Whetstone Boys Ranch where one of his sons is a founder and leader. His joys and passions include his wife, Erika, his children and many grandchildren, and a love of the outdoors through skiing, golf and scuba diving.

Ronald (Ron) J. Williams

Ron retired from the Air Force in 2011, after serving his country for 29 years.  He is a 1982 graduate of the USAF Academy with a degree in International Affairs, Russian Area Studies. He also earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree from the University of Nebraska-School of Law in 1991. Ron has served as a Judge Advocate in the Air Force and his last assignment was as the General Counsel for the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. Ron is a member of the Colorado Bar, the El Paso County Bar, and the Alliance Defending Freedom.  In law school Ron was an active member of the Christian Legal Society and the Rutherford Institute – both dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Christians. Ron has been married to his wife, Leanna, for the last 33 years and they have two grown sons.

Mary Carlile

Mary retired in 2015 after teaching music at PPCS for 19 years. Prior to PPCS, she taught in VA, TX, and Germany.  
Mary earned her degree in Music Education from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA. She and her husband Pat (36 
years), a retired Army officer, commercial pilot, and business owner, have been active members at Eastside Church of Christ for 22 years. Mary and Pat have two grown sons, Grady and Aaron. Mary enjoys riding the AFA trails with her horse, Charlie, hiking with Pat and Ginny, (their yellow lab) singing with the Eastside worship team, and painting.

Tammy Whiting

Tammy is the owner of a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacations, Storybook Destinations, and she is also a blogger for Touring Tammy earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harding University and has served PPCS in the past as a computer teacher and as a fundraising coordinator. Both her son and daughter have attended PPCS, and are continuing their educations at Christian universities. Tammy has been married to Stephen, an Air Force officer, for over 25 years and thus has been able to experience several different Christian schools as a parent and volunteer in their transfers around the nation. Tammy is a member of Peterson Air Force Base Spouse’s Club and beyond her commitment to Christian education she has a passion for travel, especially Disney cruises with family and friends, as well as a love for photography.

Terrie Gardner

Terrie has a long history with PPCS. In 1995 she began teaching in the computer lab, and in 2002 she transitioned to serving as the high school counselor as well as working as a member of the office staff. In 2017 it was time for another change, and she finished her time at PPCS as administrative assistant to the Director. After 27 years at PPCS she retired in 2022. Terrie is a Colorado Springs native and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She and her husband John have been married for over 38 years. Their daughter, Raeanne, attended PPCS from kindergarten through high school, graduating in 2007. Terrie enjoys travel, mahjong, quilting, and watching both hockey and Formula 1 racing.